A Quiz App I Built

FE Quiz - Exam practice for ITPEC FE test takers

A Quiz App I Built

While I was preparing for the Fundamental IT Engineer exam, I wished there was a place where I could train with mock tests. After taking the exam, I coded such an application myself and released the beta version on the web.

Here is that beta - FE Quiz.


ITPEC FE is an examination held in 7 countries, evaluating candidates based on computer science knowledge. It is held twice a year, with each exam consisting of a morning and an evening part. The morning part includes 80 multiple-choice questions, each of which belongs to either of the 9 chapters. FE Quiz website provides over 1,500 questions and 6,000 answers from the morning-part of all examinations held between 2013 and 2022.


With the app, users can take mock tests with real questions from previous examinations. User flow is as follows.

  1. Customize Question Sets

Users can work on a full question set of 80 questions, or generate a custom question set to focus on particular chapters/exams, which can also be randomized.

  1. Take Quizzes

Users can then start answering each question from the generated question set. The title of the chapter and the number of completed/remaining questions are also displayed. Since they are all multiple-choice questions, users can select the correct answer by clicking on one of the four options. The question set can also be navigated with previous/next buttons.

  1. Score

After completing all questions, the score is calculated automatically and displayed alongside score-by-chapter, so that the user can focus on specific areas.

  1. Review

After scoring their answers, users can choose to review. They can walk through the question set again and view the correct answers, along with their answer if it is incorrect.

Upcoming Features

The next step is to allow for user registration.

Currently, all quiz-taking and reviewing is done in a guest mode. Users can practice all they want on all questions, but none of that activity is recorded yet.

With an account, users can track their progress, record a history, and bookmark difficult questions. Moreover, they will be able to study better through spaced repetition.

Final Notes

Besides FE Quiz, I have plans for developing FE Resources, a site for sharing study materials, and FE Overflow, a community-driven forum on exam preparation. While they are very much in the ideation phase, I would love to share my resources and source code with those who want to contribute.

This has been my very first solo-project with significant real-world uses. I completed it in 2022, after nearly two months of coding. My journal of development, along with technologies used and lessons learned, is published here.